Envision. Design. Code.

Hi!👋🏽 I'm Malina Randrianavony, a UX/Product Designer based in Colorado.

As a designer at ♥ , engineer by trade and artist on occasions, I create experiences with beauty, functionality and meaning in mind.


The sky is the limit! What problems are we trying to solve? Who are we solving them for? Why are those problems worth solving? Let's share our ideas and write them all down. Then, we get out there to the users so we can create empathy maps and personas to validate potential problems and solutions.

Brainstorming, user interviews, Personas, Journey Maps
Markers & Whiteboard, Pen & Paper, Post-it Notes


Let's clarify our constraints and build some iterative prototypes. Now that we understand the why's, we use an iterative process that takes into account user feedback, business goals and technical constraints to build some prototypes. Stripping down complexity, ensuring usability and sprinking delight are our mantra.

prototyping, wireframes, user testing, information architecture, UI design, responsive design, iterative design, cart sorting, site maps, user workflows, heuristic evaluations
Pen & Paper, Sketch, Invision


It's time to bring our ideas and design to life. Nowadays, I am focusing on front-end coding but as a past full-stack dev with 5+ years of experience, I love collaborating with all devs, making sure the designs are easily implemented as well as being the bridge to the technical team.

Coding :)
HTML5, CSS3, JS, GitHub

Currently bringing LocAlly to life

as well as learning React while experimenting with some personal projects.

Mostly, I love collaborating and sharing ideas

If you'd like to get together to brainstorm some ideas or work on an interesting project, I am accessible through LinkedIn and email. If you happen to speak or learn French, you could also join me at the Boulder French Table.