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About Me, Malina

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I am a UX/Product Designer based out of Colorado. My journey to design or Colorado doesn't follow a simple path so instead of writing an extended biography, below are 5 facts about me that influenced my personal and professional journey.

1. My UX journey started with "The Design of Everyday Things" by Don Norman.

In college, I took an impromptu human-centered design class to get a break from my engineering classes. I read this assigned book and have been rethinking all my daily interactions ever since.

2. Creating journey maps and speeches is really similar.

Getting inside your users' heads, defining stages, using words or visuals to initiate reactions out of people, testing for user reactions are all necessary steps to creating a journey map or speech.

3. I take pictures of beautiful restrooms.

While traveling or just visiting a place, I always take a look at the restrooms. I mostly expect them to be clean and private so when a particularly theme is carried out throughout the space or a totally new world is created, I can't help but snap a few pictures.

4. I'm classically trained in music and dance.

I've practiced music and dance most of my childhood and have done so in different ways into adulthood. Nowadays, I play the piano, sing and dance hip-hop on a weekly basis.

5. My parents come from Madagascar, I was born in Paris (France) and live in Colorado.

Yep, this is where my long last name comes from :). Also, feel free to join me at the Boulder French Table if you ever want to speak or listen to French.